Here at Molly Clark Coaching & Consulting, I have a people-first approach to all that I do.

With this in mind, I help your organization with a variety of needs as it relates to culture, people, and human resources. The way I go about doing this is twofold. One, I will co-create customized creative solutions alongside you. And two, I will serve as a strategic business partner, consultant and coach to ensure your people strategy richly contributes to your overall strategic business initiatives.

Please see my offerings and how I can come alongside you and your team, below...

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People and Culture Strategy Development

Every business or organization with employees needs a people strategy. A people strategy is a continuous process to create synergy and purpose for team members, while also identifying clear and direct impact on the organization’s business objectives.

I help businesses identify the necessary components of people-related initiatives, processes, and systems that will positively impact business goals, while aligning it with their core brand philosophy and values. A strong culture helps improve team member loyalty and retention. I help businesses develop and strengthen their organizational culture by linking individual and team contributions to the heart of the core components of their brand.

 Leadership Coaching and Development

We’re all leaders in one form or another, whether it be professionally with organizations, personal small businesses, or at home amongst family dynamics.

I help individuals accomplish their goals and fulfill their dreams as we together identify their values, align those values to what they want to accomplish, and develop a roadmap to their version of success and fulfillment. I provide leadership development workshops and training opportunities to promote healthy and mindful team-building experiences and growth.

Human Resources Coaching and Consulting

When done well, the human resources partner in your organization can help you lay a strong foundation to support your overall people strategy and culture.

I provide support through consulting on human resources, people, processes and systems. I also coach human resources professionals through their challenges and help them be the best version of themselves — both professionally and personally. This results in individuals becoming a more valuable strategic business partner within the organization.